Second & Brown Beginnings

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The buzz is certainly strong surrounding the new project, aptly named 2nd

(one can infer the location) that will be the newest addition to the local cocktail

scene in downtown Napa from proprietors Stephanie and Scott Kendall. Utilizing

their expertise and riding the success of their award-winning wine bar Carpe Diem,

they have embarked on an exhilarating and daunting challenge: create a cocktail

experience as special and unique as what hey have already created at the wine bar.

With so many great existing cocktail bars, and a few more in the works, what will set

2nd & Brown apart? The answer remains to be seen (we have to have a few tricks in

our sleeve), but the magic is in the madness of our meticulous concept and creation.

We are enlisting our staff, friends, and strangers to help be a part of the process.

Stephanie can be seen spreading pages of logo designs over our tables during dinner

service asking for opinions from new friends from Europe. Chef Scott has ventured

off into the world gaining inspiration for new dishes that will be featured at the

bar. The two gained a lot of inspiration from their trip to Spain recently. He has

also been furiously writing down recipe ideas and garnering opinions from anyone

that will listen. And me? I’ve been pouring new cocktail ideas down Stephanie and

Scott’s throats for the past month. Then my friend’s. Even my dog has tried some

of my new ideas (she preferred the bacon I used to infuse the bourbon). I have

walked Coppia gardens and collaborated in the planting of what will be the very

first devoted cocktail garden in downtown Napa. Our friends have scoured the state

for one-of-a-kind stemware that will be home to our libations. Our staff has been

excited to find menus, uniforms, and other critical components to what the bar will

look like when the doors open.

We are excited to work with our design and construction team to create a beautiful

bar that combines a touch of modern with the austere, a throw-back to prohibition

where we derive our story. Stephanie’s legacy in the U.S. has roots in the fur trade

of the Pacific Northwest. Her family sold fur pelts to the Nordstrom’s family that became

gorgeous coats for sale around the country. There was a little side business as

well: they made their own barrels of gin that they were able to smuggle around the

country underneath the stacks of pelts that proved a perfect hiding place from the

law. The smell was enough to discourage any intrusive eyes. We will certainly

make some of our own spirits; we will also utilize the bounties of the beautiful

landscape that surrounds our city. A lot of bars make their own spirits, bitters,

etc. We will offer these as well not for the novelty, but for the craft. It is important

to preserve, educate, and use the best ingredients available. For 2nd & Brown

however, the ingredient that sets us apart- that one special thing that is intangible,

ineffable, and will guide our success is the ingredient of us. The family, the staff, and

our friends united that have created the vision, concept, design, and execution of 2nd

& Brown. The end result is a bar unique as the sum of the people involved. And we

can’t wait to welcome new friends into our family when we open the doors soon.

Here’s to the Buffalo, may they roam to us (we have a buffalo),


P.S. I look forward to updating you with our progress as we move forward. We

recently began construction on the project and I am excited to share some of the

behind-the-scenes details that go into the fun of opening a new cocktail bar. There

will certainly be pictures and recipes involved!Image


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